Baba Zorya

Free-spirited elder of Dosov village.


Communication 4 (Animal Handling, Bargaining,
Leadership, Persuasion); Constitution 5 (Drinking);
Cunning 2 (Evaluation); Dexterity 0; Magic 0; Perception
3 (Empathy); Strength 2; Willpower 4 (Self-Discipline).


Zorya is a naturally attractive woman approaching middle age, with long, dark, braided hair and a wide smile. She wears surprisingly little and has a large snake draped around her shoulders.

Zorya is the leader of Dosov Village, hence her title (“baba” means “female elder” in an old Chasind dialect). She is a free spirit, and claims that she has no husband or lover because she is married to Dosov. She is hardly ever seen without Sasha, her snake.

Baba Zorya

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